What is Your Favorite Vacation?

What is Your Favorite Vacation?

Enjoy the wild ride as Mosquito Joe of NE Houston’s business manager, Samantha, recounts her favorite (but at the same time exhilarating and terrifying) vacation!

The month of July has always been a fun one for me and my family! In my mind, July always equals vacation. My favorite vacation thus far was a few years ago. It was my husband’s 23rd birthday and I wanted to do something extra special. I planned a weekend in July for us to go to San Antonio and Austin. We went to Jacob’s Well, Dripping Springs to see Hamilton Pool and did a ton of hiking. My husband is an outdoorsy person so it was a perfect birthday trip for him.

While all these places and events were amazing, the most exciting experience happened on his actual birthday, July 21st. I had told him that we would be going to a concert in the middle of nowhere and I remember him constantly asking as we were driving to our destination, “Why would there be a concert out here?”.  I would just say, “Come on man, just trust me.” He had NO idea what I had in store for him, well for us.

As we got closer to our destination I began to feel anxious and excited for him. I knew my husband would love it, but I also knew that I had signed myself up for this experience as well which Mosquito Joe takes Vacation Very Seriously - Julyalso terrified me. We finally were in front of the entrance and the look on his face when he read the sign was one that I will never forget. “Skydive Lone Star. WAIT, WE’RE GOING SKYDIVING?!”, he said in the most terrified yet excited voice I’ve ever heard come out of his mouth.

I remember going up with him and being so nervous. It was my first time on a plane after all and here I am about to jump out it! After the initial jump, there was a certain peace that overcame me when falling through the sky. It was honestly the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had and Mosquito Joe - Mosquito Spraying in Julymy husband says he felt the exact same way. (Sidenote: even if he absolutely hated it, I doubt that he’d ever let me know). This was the climax of our short weekend vacation and while quick (the trip and the fall itself), it was enough to take the favorite spot of all my vacations to date. I’m hoping to continue experiencing wild adventures and enjoying the month of July as my vacation month.

Buzz in! What is your favorite vacation? What is your favorite thing about the month July?